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Frequently Asked Questions

As a client of Synergy Workforce Solutions, who are my contacts within your company?

Synergy Workforce partners our clients with team members that will be responsible for exceeding your expectations and contributing to the overall success of your business. They work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction and prompt resolution of any problems or concerns.

How quickly can Synergy Workforce Solutions provide my company with staff?

Synergy Workforce has the ability to meet any staffing needs quickly and provide the level of skilled associates needed for the success of your operation. With many years of experience and solid understanding of the recruiting processes we can quickly create a marketing and recruiting plan that will fill your staffing needs.

How and where do you recruit to fill open positions?

For Synergy Workforce Solutions recruiting the most qualified candidates is our main focus. We source our candidates through our customized recruiting plans tailored for each client using a variety of methods, such as social media, local networking and traditional advertising.

What is your is screening process for applicants?

Our screening is a customized process that helps to identify applicants that meet your particular specifications and criteria. We also provide behavioral interviewing techniques, employment verification and can also include drug screenings, work and education history and background screenings.

What information is provided to new associates to better prepare them for placement?

Synergy Workforce Solution has found that preparing new associates for placement is key in the reduction of turnover and success of placement. Our associates are given orientation customized to meet the criteria for our clients which include policies, procedures and expectations. The goal is to provide informed and knowledgeable associates that are better prepared to meet the challenges.